How we met

Alot of things had to go right for us to meet. Here is how it started as told by myself Heather.

So let’s start in the year 2007 I had been living in San Diego where I was raised. Had just recently got a divorce from my husband of almost 7 years. Placed a few profiles online one included yahoo personals. That is when I met one of my now best friends Nyia. She had just recently moved down to San Diego. Shortly after that met my now ex girlfriend, things went wrong. We ended our relationship after almost four years and we went our own ways. During this relationship My friend Nyia had moved back up to Manteca, CA where her family lives I had then asked if Brandon (my son) and I could move up here and stay with them she said yes with out hesitation, I felt I needed a change. Got a u haul and was up the next day.

After about six months of living up here I started to get back into dating websites. Brandon then decides to run away and made his way all the way back down to San Diego. Not knowing where he was for about 3-4 days was hell for me. Finally I found out where he was he had said he wanted to move back down, started to make the needed steps to get back down there . Just days later Brandon says to me on the phone that he is sorry that he wants to come back up and that we came up here for a reason I asked him if he was sure as I was pretty set on going back home. The next day I had him on a plane coming back up.

So happy with my boy at home I start to get back online working and looking for love. I joined POF aka made a profile with very set rules. Meeting Terry in person on Feb 11th 2012 for drinks and pool broke them all. We ended up staying up all night talking, drinking and hanging out and have been basically inseparable ever since.

One of our favorite first pics